Why choose SAI ?

No Finger Pointing

Dealing with several service providers, third parties and consultants to provide and integrated service can become difficult for even a large business to handle, and can become a nightmarish cost drain for a smaller business. SAI is an “integrator” of services from any or all of our partners, and we take responsibility for supporting the whole solution and for dealing with these upstream providers on your behalf.

Greater Flexibility

First Tier providers work on a large scale, dealing with large users in a standardised way. The type of business they run does not allow for many individual highly differentiated business agreements and relationships. Working with a smaller regionally based service provider with local management allows each client to be treated with a great more deal individuality and flexibility.

SAI is always prepared to consider our clients unique contractual requirements and has the flexibility to make quick decisions to accommodate these. Our larger partners are often inflexible in their contractual arrangements.

Never have to switch Providers again

Because the products that these larger partners offer are often focused on larger national corporations, smaller to medium sized companies often find gaps, especially at the lower end. For example, some of the entry level IS products can be too expensive for the smaller enterprise to justify. One of the roles of the SAI is to take the most suitable of these products and supplement them with additional services and products more suited to smaller businesses. For example, SAI supplements the IS range with a wide selection of entry level services – which allow our clients to start small and grow without ever having to switch service providers.

Closer Ties and Relationships with Suppliers

Small and medium businesses often prefer to deal with the owners of a business directly, to transact with the head office of their suppliers and to feel as if they are important to their suppliers. This is difficult to achieve with larger suppliers like Neotel or Telkom, when they are remotely situated, and have pressing priorities with clients hundreds of times larger than a small business. SAI is a large customer of major and first tier suppliers, and deals directly with these suppliers at a director level often enabling us to action change, on behalf of our subscribers, which they would have otherwise been unable to achieve.


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