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SAI offers three types of internet access over all mediums of last mile connectivity, from ADSL to fibre and satellite to licenced Microwave. Choose from the traditional capped or uncapped models of internet access or SAI’s unique third type: Infinite


Infinite internet access offers the benefits of both the capped and uncapped services with very little of the associated downsides. Enjoy unthrottled performance (full line speed) at all times while simultaneously never having to worry about reaching a limit which will suspend your service. All of this while enjoying highly competitive price points.

SAI Infinity – Flexible High Performance

SAI’s unique hybrid solution was conceived and developed in-house due to the disadvantages present in both the capped and uncapped models. SAI’s Infinity data offers high performance, with the security of never having to monitor your usage out of fear of losing connectivity. Another salient feature is the fact that SAI will ensure that any and all unused data is carried over to the subsequent month, indefinitely and without any limit. Never again pay for data that you won’t get to use.



Uncapped internet access is designed for subscribers with very high usage requirements. Uncapped services allow higher volumes of traffic by limiting performance/speed to a certain bandwidth. Uncapped services run at the speed purchased as opposed to the speed of your line/ last mile.

OmniStream – Pure Un-diluted Fibre Speed Internet

SAI OmniStream is SAI’s flagship access product. It is the first truly uncapped (no fair-use policy and no traffic shaping of any kind) symmetrical access product in South Africa. OmniStream offers the lowest contention ratios available in the country with the option to remove contention all together. SAI pro-actively monitors our OmniStream services from our 24/7 365-day-a-year helpdesk, pro-actively addressing and, often resolving, issues before our subscribers even become aware of them.

Available Options: Contention of 1:5 or 1:1


Neotel’s robust broadband range offers uncapped internet access products with very high reliability and availability. The product is available over three different last miles and institutes their fair-use policy around a soft cap (i.e. a cap where performance is limited rather than suspending the service). SAI finds that most business customers average somewhere between 50 to 100GB per month – far below the soft caps imposed by Neotel. The NeoBroadband offering has a published contention ration of 1:10 (double that of OmniStream).

Available Options: Symmetrical Fibre/Microwave or Asymmetrical Wireless (LTE or WiMax)

SAIBDSL Cruiser – Sustained Unshaped Broadband

SAIDSL Cruiser products offer uncapped internet usage at various speeds and prices to suite your needs.  These products afford businesses the benefit of a fixed monthly internet usage cost, an invaluable element in cost control.  SAI Cruiser will provide clients with a high performance internet-connectivity solution without the need to monitor capacity usage. Underpinned by a world class, high capacity network, the Cruiser services offer  high performing, uncapped and unshaped broadband.

Available Options: Cruiser, Cruiser Open and Cruiser Gold

Features: Includes a fully configured router and 5 Static IPs.


Capped internet access is designed for users who value performance/speed above very high volumes of traffic. Capped services allow higher performance by limiting the amount of data you can use. Capped services will run at the full speed of your line/last mile and no limits are imposed by the service itself.

SAIDSL Flexicap

The predecessor to SAIDSL INFINITY, our SAIDSL FlexiCap still has a loyal following within our subscriber base. The flexible cap allows our subscribers to define a base cap, a maximum hard cap limit and then the automatic upgrade increments which automatically upgrade your base cap until it reaches the predefined ceiling. SAI will notify you of each automatic upgrade step as well as when you are getting close to your chosen hard cap limit. Temporary top-ups are available if you find yourself reaching your predefined limit.

SAIBDSL Exceed – Protected High Performance

Unparalleled high performance internet access designed and intended for the SME market. Simple, clean, high performance, business oriented bandwidth. For very high usage requirements, the capped SAIDSL Exceed services may carry a higher cost than the uncapped Momentum options but the Exceed services are premium, exceptionally performing ADSL services where the SAI network is managed to ensure these services offer the best performance over all other DSL services.


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